Inmate visitation

All visitors must place property, such as bags, purses, cell phones, cameras, electronic devices, etcetera, in the lockers provided in the lobby and then pass through the metal detector. All visitors are subject to a search.

Each inmate is permitted two (2) visitors and twenty (20) minutes of visitation each Sunday and again on Wednesday. All visitors over the age of eighteen (18) are required to provide a valid state issued, photo identification. It is preferred that all visitors for a particular inmate enter the visitation room at the same time.

Two (2) children under the age of eighteen (18), related to the inmate as a dependent, are permitted to visit in addition to the two (2) visitors previously noted. No one under the age of eighteen (18) may visit unless they are listed on the Visitor Request form AND accompanied by an adult listed on the Visitor Request form. A maximum of two (2) visitors and two (2) dependent children may visit during a visitation session.

Visitors may be refused if they have a history of disruptive conduct, presents a threat to the security of the facility, not properly dressed, suspected of being intoxicated, unable to produce proper identification, refuse to submit to a search, the court or another officer has ordered that there be no contact between the inmate and visitor, the inmate refused the visit or at the Corrections Officer’s discretion.

Sunday inmate visitation times

Housing unitTime
Medical – 133/20212:30PM-1:00PM
Work release/inmate workers – 1471:00PM-2:30PM
Female – 1502:30PM-4:00PM
Administrative segregation – 1385:30PM-6:00PM
Male age 24 and younger – 1436:00PM-7:30PM
Male Age 25 and Older – 1457:30PM-9:00PM

Wednesday inmate visitation times

Housing unitTime
Administrative segregation – 13812:30PM-1:00PM
Male age 24 and younger – 1431:00PM-2:30PM
Male Age 25 and Older – 1452:30PM-4:00PM
Medical – 133/2025:30PM-6:00PM
Work release/inmate workers – 1476:00PM-7:30PM
Female – 1507:30PM-9:00PM

Holiday visiting hours do not change. Visitation may be cancelled during emergency situations. Visiting hours are subject to change due to other situations in the facility.